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Healthy Chicken Caesar Wraps Recipe


Many people stay away from sweets as their attempt to be “good.” What they don’t realize is that baked goods and other desserts can be enjoyed as treats without harming their diet if they learn how to eat better overall. I recently made a chicken caesar wrap, a notoriously high in fat and sodium food, in my own healthy version.

I started with a homemade recipe for caesar dressing. Bottled salad dressing can be terrible if you are watching your waistline! Homemade is better for you since you control what you put into it and it tastes a million times better. The caesar dressing recipe I have been using for quite some time comes from here. It uses light mayonnaise in place of the full fat version. This is crucial to making this recipe healthy, as many light mayonnaise’s have less than half the calories! This recipe makes a few servings so depending on how many wraps you are making you might have leftover dressing for another meal.

Be careful when selecting the wrap that you buy. Some wraps can have upwards of 300 calories or more, without providing much nutritional value. You want to look for a wrap that is around 100 calories and its loaded with fiber. I like to use Flatout brand (available at most stores including Walbaum’s and Target). Spread about a tablespoon or so of the dressing onto the wrap.

Next, GRILL (not fry!) chicken cutlets. This can easily be done on a grill such as a George Foreman, or in a grill pan on the stovetop. Cut out even more calories and fat by using non-stick cooking spray rather than oil. Cut up the chicken into strips and toss with romaine lettuce. Add this mixture to the top of the wrap and add more dressing if you choose. You can also add some fresh tomatoes.

Wrap everything up and enjoy knowing that you have room for dessert!

According to my calculations (do not take these as exact, I used a web based tool) the total wrap has about 350 calories, 10 grams of fiber, and 36 grams of protein. If you would like to see more healthy recipes please comment and let us know!

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